You deserve to spend meaningful time with yourself each week. Our sessions are more than just a work out or a stretch. Yoga is for your mind and heart as much as it is for your physical body.

These sessions are tailored for your body type, the body needs and arranged in comfort of your own home. We offer every session the tone of self connection and gratitude.

Benefits of Private Yoga sessions

Gaining the initial experience

Creating a personalised schedule

Focusing on personal goal

Overcoming health concerns

Developing a plan for your personal home yoga practice

Increase mental focus

Working on in-depth practice

Reduced stress, anxiety & depression

Reduced chronic pain and injury

Increased energy and decreased fatigue

Improved memory, focus and concentration

Stronger muscles and increased flexibility

Improved posture

Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases, including cancer

A Private Yoga session can be combination of

Adaptive/Chair Yoga

A practice that helps to relieve neck and shoulder tension, back pain, tension headaches, etc., and is a great pick-me-up to help rejuvenate your mind and body without the need to change from their work clothes or sweat.

Gentle Yoga

A slow and gentle flow focusing on healing the body and mind through a connection with the breath and mindful movements to reduce tension and increase energy.  This is a practice of gentle flowing postures that will warm and open the body, encourage internal health and quiet the mind.


A guided relaxation practice to to reach the borderline state between wakefulness and sleep, the state where the greatest healing and mental rejuvenation occurs.


Combination of seated, lying and walking guided meditation techniques to create calm and peaceful mind.

Restorative Yoga

The Yoga practice which will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.  Props are used to support body in long held reclining positions to stretch and relax the whole body.  A special emphasis on chest opening, stretching the hips, and releasing tension from the neck and shoulders to counter-act the stress held in the body from the daily grind. Unwind in a nurturing, comfortable, safe environment.  A perfect compliment to a more active practice, or for those that just want a slower, deeper, meditative pace.

Yin Yoga

A passive practice where the poses are held for several minutes at a time in order to the stretch the connective tissues around the joints, a revitalising and restorative practice for the mind and body.

Dynamic Yoga

A steady to moderate paced breath-focused practice that link breath to movement which moves dynamically to build strength and endurance, great for stimulating your heart rate and maybe a sweat!

What you will need

A room/space

A quiet, comfortable space large enough to practice in your home /my home / park / office

Yoga mat/chair

If you need to buy a Yoga mat, please let us know.


You can use normal pillows if you don’t own a bolster.

Yoga blanket

You can use normal blanket.

Contact us

Contact Arpita on 0433 702 414 or email or fill up below to arrange your introductory Yoga session.