Dates: 12/02/2020 – 01/04/2020 (4 – 5 pm)
Location: Wentworth Point Library (Only 5 mins walk from The connection, Rhodes)

We are going to re-visit concept of Ahimsa (Non-violence : love, kindness, caring), so kids come back to their learning of Care for self, care for others and care for environment.

Each week we will interactively explore this concept through different techniques. The children will work together, developing these important skills in a nurturing, non-competitive environment and will also be given the opportunity to co-create.

Each Class will follow below structure –

  • Welcome routine: Warm-ups, Human mandalas
  • Poses: Yoga poses, Partner poses, Fun & creative yoga
  • Yoga games: Singing, Dancing, Education topics
  • Relaxation time: Storytime, Visualisation, Breathing exercises, Mindfulness, Guided meditation

The class will end with a creative outlet, reflection time and with little homework for children to do in their own time.

Please show your interest by filling up the form below, I will send you email with registration link when it opens.

Only 20 kids are accepted, so please register your interest for getting priority access.

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Arpita Patel